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Ann MacInnes Cook
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You are thinking of setting up a website. Where do you begin? Nearly anyone can set up 'something' on their own - but is that enough for you? We are here to help you develop one that is eye-catching and informative. If you are in business, you will want a website that will sell for you.

Getting Started ------

Are you considering having a website built for your personal or business use?  The following information is necessary before beginning.

  • What audience are you wanting to reach?
    If this is a family site where you are wanting to share your genealogy or just your adventures, we would approach it differently than a business website.
  • Do you have a particular theme that you would like to use?
    If you are interested in something special, such as nature or sports, this could be used as your theme. If you are in business, the theme will probably be dictated by the products or services that you provide.
  • If a business, are you wanting to display your products or graphically present your services?
    Your services will certainly have a theme built into them, such as medical, legal, landscaping, etc. If your products are jewelry, clothing, food, sports equipment, etc., then we can use graphics to enhance your website.
  • Do you already have some artwork that you want to use or do you want us to design some for you?
    Do you have a logo? Are your products nationally known brands? Would you like to have a logo developed that will identify you or your business? This can also be provided for your printed material at an extra cost, due to having to be produced in a different resolution for the printer.
  • If presenting your business, will you need routine updating or will this only be necessary occasionally?
    Some businesses with new products coming in on a regular basis would want to have these shown on the website. Another business that deals in services would only occasionally want an updating, such as when adding new staff or expanding services. Updating will be up to you. This is not included in the original pricing.
  • Do you already have an internet server who provides space that is included in your monthly fee?
    You will need web space. Your IPS (Internet Service Provider) usually includes some free space with your account. They also have more space available for a fee. By going to a search engine and typing in ISP and your geographic location, you can obtain this information. Also check on your ISP website for the services that they offer. Prices will vary greatly, so you will want to do some comparisons before making your decision.
  • How much have you budgeted for setting up this website and maintaining it?
    As a business owner, you can list the website as a business expense. You might want to consider a more extensive website. We are here to help you make this decision

Website Size and Pricing ------

What size website should you consider? We offer three choices - Basic, Medium and Broad. You will need to decide how much you have to say and how much you want to show.

Basic - usually has 3 - 5 pages. The cost is $350 to $650, depending on how much content is included, as well as how many graphic designs. This cost will include all the graphics, such as background, buttons, and a header, with use of a logo.

Medium - will have from 6 to 15 pages. All of the above will be included, plus online forms if needed. You will have to contact your ISP to make the arrangements for the scripting for the use of the forms. Other forms can be made for the viewer to print and mail at no extra cost. This type of site will cost from $700 to $1000.

Broad - this type of site is for the corporation that has greater needs. It will be more interactive and can run from $1250 to $3000, depending on the requirements. Database scripting, search capabilities and shopping cart are priced separately.

So you only need Custom Designs ----------

You want to design your own website, but need some special graphics. These can be produced for you. Headers, buttons, backgrounds, bars and logos to personalize your site. The package is $250 for coordinated designs.

So you need a Banner -----------

If you are looking for a banner that will bring business to your website, this marketing tool can be designed for you. The minimum price is $50. The total cost will depend on how elaborate it is.

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